What Is 420 Position | The Real Origin Of 420 Position

What is 420 Position? Everyone knows 4:20 is the time to smoke pot And everyone knows 420 is International Pot Smoking Day But not many people, even the oldest and most potent smokers, know why or why the number 420 Position was associated with pot smoking.

Timma 2111 2 years ago ya no sex and weed 69 refers to a sex potions, where two people give each other oral sex at the same time. 420 refers to April 20, which is celebrated as a smoking or cannabis smoking festival.

origin of 420 position

There are some old stories that tell how this national holiday and that special time of the day were portrayed. Here’s how we got 420 position became more than a mid-April day.

The Real Origin of 420 Position.

Do you know anyone or two who knows this? Larry “Ratso” Slomon, Author of Referees Madness: A History of Marijuana. The most acceptable holiday season began in 1971 with some high school children in San Rafael, California.

The sentence begins with “420 Louis“, which means they meet Louis at 4:20 p.m statue outside high school “and be high Slomon said.

It turns out that one of the older siblings of the children was grateful to the deceased’s bass stand Phil Lesch. And the group – “They called themselves ‘Waldos,'” Solomon says, began to rise with gratitude at the rehearsal studio in San Rafael.

In the late 1990s, Steve Bloom, senior editor of High Times magazine, saw a flyer at a dead concert that “told the story of 420 and that’s news for me,” he wrote in a copy of the magazine, published by the Huffington Post. Bloom wrote that the “420” was originally a California California police code for a smoking pot.

But it turns out that the story on the flyer was horseshit “Almost five years later,” Bloom says, the Waldo story emerged.

“Some of these Waldos contacted to the High Times in 1997 to set a record straight,” says Sloman. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation So it checks.

There are a couple of 420 Position theories.

Plant Theory: It is also a shut and closed case Although it is said that a cannabis plant has “more than 400 chemical compounds”, no one has made it clear that the number is 420.

Nothing to Do With the Law or the Lawmen: There are also 420 theories with the police and the Congress too, First, to mention what the police will say on the radio, will they see you buying baggies, is wrong.Unfortunately that radio code homicide.

About Congress? That’s right- this is not about that the two aren’t related. The California Senate has a bill number 420, but it is named for the staple of cannabis culture, not because of it. The bill, went through in 2003, was important for the birth of medical marijuana in California.

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