What is a Trap House ? – Trap House in Minecraft

Trap House is a sports adventure game. Players must use the items in the room to solve a series of puzzles while locked in the room, complete the task and escape within 45 minutes.

We have several game concepts, each with a different story and difficulty. A group consists of 4-12 people, you can challenge your team to complete our game.(what is a trap house?)

Who can play?

student. Experience a challenging but fun activity with your partner.


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How To Make Trap House in Minecraft

what is a trap house queen

Minecraft trap method: (what is a trap house)

1. First make a piston door, the distribution of redstone and repeaters is shown in the figure.

2. The repeater should be adjusted to the highest level.

3. After these devices are completed, you can put on the trigger pressure plate, just to cover it with redstone, otherwise it will be too obvious.

4. When the player walks here, trigger the pressure plate and open the piston door, it will fall into the magma below, and can’t climb up, can only be burned to death.

How does my world do traps?

1. First find an open space and dig a hole in the open space.

2. Next, two sticky pistons need to be placed here. 3. Put cobblestones one block in front of the sticky piston.

4. Insert a redstone torch into the cobblestone at the front left of the sticky piston. 5. Then put a redstone repeater behind the cobblestone and adjust it to the maximum gear.

6. Then use redstone to connect the redstone torch with the redstone repeater, and then you can see the sticky piston pushed out. 7. Then put a pressure plate on the cobblestone into which the redstone torch is inserted.

8. Step on the pressure plate to retract the sticky piston and pull the cobblestone away at the same time. 9. Next, we first disconnect the circuit, and then dig a hole under the original position of the cobblestone pulled away by the sticky piston.

10. Then pour magma into the pit, and then connect the circuit. As long as someone steps on this pressure plate, they will fall into the magma when they walk forward, and they will not be able to climb up. 11. The trap must look real, so it cannot be seen to be a trap,(what is a trap house?) so the player needs to pack the trap just made and hide it in place, and then put an iron gate in front of the pressure plate.

Let others think that this pressure plate is used to open the door, and then put some boxes or other things as a cover behind the door, so that a complete trap is done. 

How to do traps in Minecraft Mobile Edition

The House of Death uses any solid material to make a room (avoid using anti-explosive materials such as obsidian), then use TNT to completely cover the house, and then add a layer of blocks to cover the TNT.

Place two iron doors and a stone pressure plate at the entrance, place TNT on the block under the pressure plate, and then place a visible box in the house to attract players who try to enter. When they step on the pressure version and enter the house, they will detonate TNT.

Note: Some servers do not allow players to place TNT. Don’t expect too much that they will allow you in a short time.

Feasibility: Novice suggestion: Build the house more like an abandoned temporary shelter for survival in the wild, requiring a bed, workbench, torch, and box. The location should also be moderate, preferably in the mountains.

It is also convenient for you to hide behind a tree and observe the victim. Tunnel traps First, dig a cave two blocks high and one block wide, at least five blocks deep. The other end of the cave must be closed to make it look like the entrance to a mine or dungeon.

Place a pressure plate and redstone on both sides in the middle of the tunnel. These blocks are placed in either aspect and should not be obsidian or bedrock.

The obsidian/bedrock should be a piston (sticky if you want to use it again). Then put a login channel, and at the end of the year players enter by saying “Diamond Mine“, “Gold Mine“, “Obsidian Mine“, or “Danger: Don’t Enter”.(what is a trap house ?)

People can’t help what is bad for them, after all. The person in question should go, step on the pressure plate, get stuck at the entrance/exit and become 1 1, too small players or mobs to leave.

Check it from time to time, if there is a player/mob stuck there, if there is, shoot the bow or put lava in it. If you want to use it again, delete the lava, push the block next to the rod, and use it only for sticky pistons, so be warned.

Now, claim your loot and walk away. If you want to prevent the tunnel, place the lava wall behind.

The camouflage hut hides TNT in some part of a hut (in the wall/underground) waiting to be detonated. One of the best ways is to connect the redstone circuit that ignites the TNT to the switch of the light, or you can use the BUD switch Feasibility: Moderate suggestion: Place a sign stating “pull the lever to turn on the light“, and place a redstone lamp clearly in the home to make the house more like a home. Asphyxiation Bed Build a room with a height of 2 blocks and a roof of 2 blocks thick. Put two blocks in the corner and put the bed on the block.

When other players try to sleep on it, they will get stuck in the ceiling after waking up, causing suffocation. A successful suffocation bed Note: The player after death will be resurrected at the initial rebirth point, instead of the bed just now.

Asphyxiation bed feasibility: Moderate, the player can destroy blocks before suffocating. Recommendation: Wait for the player to fall asleep before placing the block.(what is a trap house?) It is best to use a block that is difficult to break, such as obsidian.

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It is also possible to use pistons to drive blocks, so that they can be remotely controlled outdoors. This is a good way to invade other people’s homes.

Because he cannot go home immediately after death, unless the resurrection point is very close to his home. Soul Sand Trap You need 15 soul sand blocks to complete this trap (or 3 soul sand and 12 other blocks that are not affected by gravity.)

First, dig a 1×3 hole in the ground (the size can be customized) to fill the soul sand. Then build a three-story block outside the soul sand (will be demolished later).

Build a box on the third layer of cubes to wrap up the soul sand, and destroy the first and second layers of cubes to complete it. Small-scale Soul Sand Trap Large-scale Soul Sand Trap Two-block high creatures such as players and monsters (crawlers, zombies, skeleton archers, etc.) cannot get out after entering the trap. For servers with open flight functions, please Build the roof.

Feasibility: Monster. Suitable for spawning monsters, or placed in the spawning tower.

Suggestion: Since the player can easily destroy the soul sand to escape this trap, lava can be placed under the soul sand to avoid player damage, and the top block can be obsidian. Greedy Trap Greedy trap is the use of ignorant greed to lure players into a trap.

For the tomb of the greedy person, you need: diamond armor (full set\enchanting is better), diamond block or diamond ore (obtained by precise collection), spade (any kind), pickaxe (any kind), diamond sword (enchanting is better) , Hell Rock, Flintstone, Torch optional: more diamond blocks or diamond ore.

How to make a trap door in my world

Super trap-

1. Put a pressure plate on the ground as shown in the figure:


3. Put four iron doors around the pressure plate as shown in the figure:


5. The last iron block is as shown in the picture:


How to make traps in my world, ask for pictures!

Teach you a very simple one: dig a block wide, from the ground straight to the ground (if possible, it is best to dig out the bedrock).

But don’t you see it as others? If this is the case, this trap is hard to get hooked. How do you do it? Put a tnt on the top one block away from the ground, and then put a sand or gravel on it (preferably It can fit with the surrounding environment), and then put a pressure plate on it.

Now as long as you step on this grid, you will fall to death.(what is a trap house?) But such a trap is still not real enough. Who will step on an extra pressure plate on the flat ground? Then you can build a house at the back, and you can also put an empty box in the house.

The most important thing is to put a door on the front with a pressure plate in front of the door. Isn’t it tempting? You can also add workbenches, beds, etc., and there is a sign on the outside that says this is your home. In short, the more real the better, the better! For more trap practices, please Baidu Redstone Trap! .

How to make a Minecraft Redstone Trap Box at a glance

Minecraft Redstone Trap Box Production Process at a Glance

1. The first step is to lay 3×3 with any square

2. Step 2: Put a box in the middle, and ice cubes at the back of the box. (Don’t put floating ice) Set a torch for two weeks of ice. Carpets are placed two compartments behind the ice.

3. Step 3: Put a sign on the carpet, and place falling objects such as sand on the sign. Then silently wait for the ice to melt. Decorate it, decorate at will, but don’t block the top of the box.

4. You must adjust your survival, otherwise you won’t be able to open the box.

5. The principle of the trap box: water does not flow after the ice cube melts. But if the square near it is updated (destroyed or changed into another form), it will flow, flooding the carpet, the sign is also gone, and the sand It fell naturally.

How to make minecraft redstone traps How to make minecraft redstone traps

After stepping on, the redstone is activated, and the steps are pulled aside by the sticky piston. Generally, you don’t pay attention. When you step on it, you will keep walking forward, and then you just fall into the trap. I used the dead trap. There is no possibility of being dismantled by entering the trap.

What I personally like is that it’s a problem to get the items dropped by monsters. Generally, I use this trap in conjunction with the death trap to kill those thieves.

After falling into the pit, this trap is also effective for monsters. It returns to its original state because there is no object, it is enough to attract it, the redstone activation will be cancelled, and the stairs will be automatically sealed. This is the trap I saw a video whim.

The redstone circuit is also relatively simple. I have basically understood everything except the principle of redstone repeaters.

At the same time, I tried to use the principle of the piston door and changed it to a staircase. Put a pedal in the stairwell. First, dig a trap under this. If you step on it, the first few steps will be pulled aside by the sticky piston. Falling to death or magma or something.

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