What Is Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)?

Man full form in computer: MAN stands for Metropolitan Telecommunications Network. The Metropolitan Telecommunications Network or RMT is a fiber optic network. Grand Nancy has been a pioneer in this field since 1996.

In autumn 1998, Greater Nancy commissioned the first loop of its Metropolitan Telecommunications Network at a cost of 16 million francs (2.4 million euros) to serve the various university and administrative sites of the agglomeration. . 

On April 30, 1999, Greater Nancy took a new deliberation concerning the construction of the second phase of its Metropolitan Telecommunications Network (RMT 2) at a cost of 10 million francs (or 1.5 million euros).

Since 2007, the management of the RMT, like today that of the optical fiber, has been carried out by the company Tutor, while the marketing of services to individuals is the responsibility of Internet Service Providers.

Metropolitan Telecommunications Network (MAN)

The MAN “Metropolitan Area Network”, as the name suggests, is often used in cities and other places covering a range of 50 to 60 km. MANs are high-speed feeder networks that interconnect multiple local networks into a single large network with a common bridge. 

This bridge is called “backbone lines” which is generally established by optical fiber to increase the speed of data transfer. 

In other words, the metropolitan network can be considered as a group of one or more LAN networks linked together by a connection. RS-232, X-25, Frame Relay and ATM are the common communication protocols in the MAN.

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