What is Success? What is The key to Success?

what is success?

Man is a creature who wants to accomplish great things.
One needs to be part of what is proud.

Human beings are a manifestation of a growing soul who is creative and wants to take on the greatest challenges of a given life and achieve results.

The greatest value of life is the challenging days in which each person has the greatest expectations of himself, spends his days, and achieves great results .

What is success?Define success

Every individual on this earth consciously or unconsciously seeks success in every area of ​​their life.

The term of “ success ” can have different meanings depending on the individual. For some, it will be to have certain amount of money, glory, prestige, certain material goods.For others, success rhymes with happiness, health, well-being, etc.

“ What is success? It is a goal achieved. We know success to the extent that our goal is reached.

Success definition and what is the key to success?(success factors)

what is success,definition

First of all, let me ask an important question: What do you think is a “successful career”?

In response to this question, you only need to ask yourself what you really think, and you don’t need to take into account the definition of success by the company and the supervisor. 

Because if the success or failure of a business becomes the only way for you to define your identity, then this identity is simply vulnerable.

After all, when you encounter situations such as economic crisis, corporate restructuring, etc., there are really too many factors beyond your control. You can take away your work in one fell swoop.

Einstein once said: “If I solve a life-or-death problem in one hour, I will use the first fifty-five minutes to figure out what the question is asking, because once I know the right question, I will have enough Answer within five minutes next.”

Therefore, in our careers, we should not pursue the so-called fame and fortune and success. On the contrary, we should stop and think carefully about the problems that can help us find the most precious things in our career.

The following 8 questions, I think, can guide you towards a more meaningful career and help you redefine “what is true success”.

1.What is your purpose?

The famous writer Mark Twain once said: “The two most important days in our life are the day when you came to the world & the day when you understand why you came to the world.”Therefore, you have to ask yourself “What is the real purpose of yours?”Why are you here and what you are doing now?”

Many people don’t know the difference between purpose and goal. For example, the goal is to “become an expert in this job”, and the goal is to “get a promotion or complete this task.” 

In fact, accomplishing multiple tasks does not make up a meaningful purpose, and a meaningful purpose should enable you to pursue a performance that transcends yourself, and at the same time is closely related to the career and mission you believe in. 

Remember, your goals should focus on lasting impact, not short-term results.

2. What are your strengths?

Everyone has their own strengths and potentials waiting to be discovered. But find that your talents are not enough, you should make full use of your talents and try to improve yourself. 

Rejecting mediocrity is one of the keys to success, and the combination of your talent and the efforts you make when developing it is your real advantage.

As the saying goes, success is 10% inspiration and 90% sweat. You might as well think about the athletes in the Olympics.

Their outstanding performance in just a few seconds or a few minutes on the field, but after years of hard work, sacrifice, and slight progress, they slowly accumulated today’s achievements. .

3. Can you manage your self-esteem and build bridges instead of walls?

Ryan, who is also a writer and entrepreneur. Ryan Holiday even published a new book “Ego Is The Enemy” , stating that “ego is your greatest enemy.” 

The question is, can you manage or even kill your self-esteem? Can you suppress your pride and desire to pursue fame and focus? 

Would you be willing to listen to others’ opinions from the bottom of your heart because you really care about it? If your answer is no, you may be an extremely arrogant person who always thinks that “you are right and everyone else is wrong.”

In fact, many politicians and business people have tasted the flavour of defeating an arrogant soldier. 

Before your career suffers a disaster, what you need to do is build bridges between people, tear down the walls that separate communication, and build relationships with people around you. After all, you are not alone on the road ahead.

4. What is the opposite of “success”?

If your answer is-failure, then please think again. Do you know any basketball player who has missed thousands of goals on the court? 

He is known as the greatest basketball player-Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan). Former South African President Nelson Mandela once said: “I have never failed, because for me, I either succeed or learn.”

Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is just what constitutes success. One of the important ingredients is that we must know how to learn from our mistakes.

Never stop learning, because learning is endless. You might as well make yourself a learning machine and enjoy the failure experience you encounter along the way. 

The learning you are doing now is an investment in the future. No matter what happens to you in the workplace, no one can take away what you have learned.

5. How much do you know about the company’s corporate culture?

You don’t have to be an expert in organizational behavior, but you need to have a thorough understanding of your company’s culture and figure out what is clearly important, but there are no clearly stated norms. 

Take a look at how the company’s senior executives get to high positions? Is it performance, ability, ethics, or other factors? When you observe these people, you should understand the stories behind them.

6. How do you build trust?

Whether it is for people, companies, or society as a whole, building trust is a very core theme. Trust requires time and effort to build, and your reputation will become the pillar of your career.
Good personality, ability, reliability, and being able to help others when they need you, etc. are all important, while arrogance and conflict of interest can be the killer that destroys trust. 

Remember, your qualifications may be the reason you got the job, but the key to whether you can be promoted or not depends on trust.

7. How do you make a choice?

In your career, you will sometimes need to make difficult choices, and skills alone are not enough to help you find the best solution. The choice at this time will depend on your personality. 

Although “refusal” is not a simple matter, “refusal of blind obedience” can become an important and powerful asset in your career. 

At work, you will encounter many difficult challenges, but these difficulties may not change you, but they will reveal what kind of person you are. Therefore, you should never forget your beliefs.

8. Do you love what you are doing now?

I once wanted to buy a painting by a foreign street artist, but because of the tight schedule, before the completion of the work, I insisted on buying it directly and taking it away. 

In anticipation of discounts, the painter bid twice the price because “I deprived him of the joy of doing his work.” 

Later, I paid according to his asking price, because I knew that I learned a priceless life principle: If someone has to pay you today to stop you from doing something, it means that you are “really passionate about What you are doing so far”!

what is success,definition,factors

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