Best Web Hosting for Beginner in 2023

When hosting providers distribute space on a web server to store their files, they host the website. Web hosting makes files containing websites (code, images, etc.) available for online viewing.

Every website you see or visit is hosted on a server.

The amount of space the server allocates to the website depends on the hosting type. The important and main types of hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS and resellers.

They differ depending on the type of technology used by the server, the level of management provided, and the additional services provided.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is explained differently and is therefore not equally clear to everyone. What is web hosting?

Let's take a look at the Wikipedia definition: " web hosting is a service that provides individuals or businesses with space to store information, space, images, or other content that also can be accessed through a website." Beautiful, but what exactly does this say?

If you have a professional website , it will be on a server somewhere with access to the internet. This server, computer, hosts your website and makes it possible to access it via the internet. By everyone!. Preferably not.

We want to be able to keep out unwanted visitors or ensure that they cannot cause any damage. Websites are hacked every day. The security and safety of the server where you host your website is very important.

Your website must be available to your visitors and potential customers 24 hours a day. So there is a bit more to it than just space on a server.

When do you need hosting?

Web hosting is required if you want to create a website or if you want a professional email address with your domain name.

If you buy web hosting There are several option like

  1. BlueHost,
  2. Godaddy,
  3. Hostinger,
  4. Hostgator,
  5. Bigrock,
  6. A2 Hosting and
  7. Namecheap.


These are the most popular web hosting sites to create a website, we make sure that your website always works and is protected by updates.

We also set the servers in such a way that your website continues to run quickly.

If you buy a domain name and purchase e-mail hosting , you can use a professional e-mail address such as [email protected].

What types of hosting are there?

best hosting

WordPress hosting

What is wordpress hosting? Are you getting started with the WordPress CMS? Then choose our WordPress hosting ! With WordPress hosting you are assured of lightning fast loading times because this platform is fully optimized for the use of WordPress. 

This makes your website up to 5x faster! There are also extra security measures to keep your WordPress website safe. 

If you choose Managed WordPress hosting, we will also do all WordPress updates for you, saving you a lot of time!

VPS hosting

What is vps hosting? Then there is VPS hosting . With VPS hosting you rent a Virtual Private Server (your own virtual server) that is very fast, has a high uptime and is scalable. 

VPS hosting is not shared with other customers; the server’s storage, computing power, and memory are all yours. You can also choose which operating system you want to run on your VPS and you can run multiple websites on it.

Shared hosting

What is shared hosting? The most common form of hosting is ‘shared web hosting’, also known as web hosting. With this you rent a piece of storage and computing power on a server. 

You share the server with other customers. Since others also use the same server, the monthly costs are also very low. 

Our shared web hosting is set up differently than the shared web hosting of most hosting companies. With shared web hosting from So Hosted you get a protected part of the server (own CPU & RAM) as with a VPS, so other websites have no influence on the performance of your website, which increases speed and stability. 

Moreover our shared web hosting uses 100% SSD storage, making your website lightning fast. With all hosting packages it is possible to secure your website with an  SSL certificate and you can use Microsoft SQL Server databases and the full trust level for ASP.NET.

Reseller hosting

What is reseller hosting? Another form of hosting is reseller hosting . With this you rent a virtual server (VPS) with which you can offer hosting to your own customers. 

You can then sell web hosting to customers without having to purchase your own server.

How web hosting works?

When the files that make up the website are uploaded from the local computer to the web server, web hosting is performed. The server’s resources (RAM, hard disk space, and bandwidth) are allocated to the websites that use it.

The division of server resources differs depending on the type of hosting plan selected. To choose the right hosting plan, you first need to distinguish the available plans. 

This need not be complicated. For non-technical readers, let us use a simple analogy: choosing web hosting is similar to searching for office space:

How do you decide which type of office space suits your needs? Is a workstation sufficient in an open co-working space, or the next best thing: an office in a business center. Are you planning to expand quickly or are you expecting a lot of people to come and go? 

Would you consider renting an entire building or building your own space?

In addition to the office style you use, there are other considerations. The ease of use of the room, what features it provides (extra facilities (such as whiteboards, high-speed Internet, and other facilities), as well as the location and total cost of the room.

These considerations will determine your needs and help determine which type of office is suitable You. Let us compare this selection process to decide which web hosting is suitable.

  • Shared hosting is similar to renting workstations in busy, noisy, open-plan offices or co-working spaces. You have all the modern conveniences: a desk, internet connection and some fixed facilities, and you share the space with other colleagues (including kitchen, printer and toilet). You cannot make any modifications to the space, such as installing whiteboards. This is a popular choice to launch a small website, not suitable for large commercial projects.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great step for shared hosting. Medium-sized companies will benefit from renting offices in business parks. With VPS, users are isolated from each other. You have neighbors, but you don’t rely on them too much, you can make any transformation (customization), you like and organize your own workstations.
  • The dedicated server is equivalent to hosting on the entire office building. This is a more expensive option, best suited for sites that value reliability and high performance. Since you control the entire space, you have more say in configuration and ample space, but if you don’t use the included space, it’s not worth the investment.

Which is best hosting for you? How you can select best hosting?

what is web hosting

Choose shared hosting if you…

  1. Have little or no technical knowledge.
  2. Don’t have time to maintain and update your own server.
  3. Are you looking for cheaper web hosting?

Choose VPS hosting if you..

  1. Want more freedom to run your own applications or database servers, such as administrators who maintain databases and websites for their company, website owners who want to host their own website without the limitations of a hosting package or application developers who, for example, host software / databases of their built software, where their users automatically use via, for example, an app.
  2. Want to manage multiple websites with your own control panel such as Plesk or DirectAdmin, such as web designers who want to host the built websites for their customers.
  3. Want to be less bothered by the consumption of others on the hosting platform.
  4. Hosting wants to offer under your own service portfolio.

Choose Reseller hosting if you…

  1. Want to sell web hosting to your own customers. This can be interesting if, for example, you are a web design agency, marketing agency or freelancer.
  2. Want to host multiple websites as an entrepreneur.
  3. Doesn’t want to worry about the maintenance of a platform but still wants to offer services.

Web hosting and domain hosting

After purchasing a domain name, files containing website content (HTML, CSS, images, databases, etc.) need to be stored together in a location connected to the Internet (Web server). 

Once the files of the website are uploaded to the web server of the hosting company, the host will be responsible for delivering the files to the users.

We mentioned that hosting makes the website accessible to people through their web browsers, but how does it work exactly? 

The DNS ensures that the website browser is connected to the correct computer (server) where the website files are stored.

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