What Was The First Movie Ever Made? History Of Movie

What was the first movie ever made? The first film (“Leaving the Light Factory in Lyon”, 1895)

On the condition that the history of cinema begins with the invention of the cinematograph by the brothers Louis  and Auguste Lumière , this is the very first film.

45 seconds only. And for a test run, what could be more logical for the Lumières than to post their newly invented “camera” in front of the doors of their factory? ( first movie ever made )

It is therefore their workers who take the first steps of the cinema in a scene of everyday life, which is moreover not documentary, contrary to popular belief. 

The employees in their Sunday best and the light of day indeed suggests that the Exit of the Light Factory  is indeed a fiction orchestrated by its directors.

The film was subsequently screened to a private audience in March 1985, and the rue lyonnaise in which it was shot renamed “Rue du premier film”.

But there are many controversies over this title of “first film in history”. 

Many consider that the very first films were shot several years earlier by Thomas Edison  and William Kennedy Laurie Dickson. “Dickson’s Salute”, for example, is a 10-second short film made in 1891 showing a man passing a hat from his left hand to his right hand, shown to the public through a box, and not on a screen. 

Dickson and Edison’s kinetoscope would therefore have been subsequently improved by the Lumière brothers to become the cinematography.(first movie ever made)

 First Movie in cinema history available in 4K / 60fps

what was the first movie ever made
Credits: Public Domain

Almost 135 years after its first release, the first film in cinema history is available in 4K and 60 fps. To achieve this, a Russian developer called on two artificial neural networks using “machine learning”.

Legend has it that the first to see him ran away, terrified of being run over by a train. 

In reality, this was only the image-by-image re-composition of the movement of a real train, filmed on its arrival at La Ciotat station, near Marseille, by the innovative camera-projector (the famous cinematograph ) of the Lumière brothers. 

Considered the first film in the history of cinematography, the Arrival of a train at La Ciotat station lasts less than a minute and does not even benefit from a soundtrack, a dimension still absent from the big screen.

in 1895. 135 years later, technological progress made it possible to cross almost all the limits between fact and fiction. The proof is, for example, with The Irishman and its process of digital rejuvenation of actors. 

A young Russian developer, Denis Shiryaev, had fun operating a different kind of rejuvenation in the famous Lumière brothers film .

Shiryaev used machine-learning technology from two artificial neural networks to get the film first released in 1896 at 60 frames per second and in 4K resolution . 

For the first transformation, he used the technique of DAIN, or “Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation”, which allows, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, to recreate non-existing images and to insert them between the original images. 

The DAIN therefore automatically generated and then added 36 additional images per second in addition to the 24 images originally recorded. Then, to improve the resolution, he used Gigapixel AI software from image editing company Topaz Labs. 

This software would be able to increase the resolution of an image up to 600%. Denis Shiryaev then added sound to the silent film to complete this update. The comparison with the original (see below) is quite astounding, especially in the fluiditywon in the new version. 

The reflections of the Provence sun on the moving train and the women’s jewelry on the platform are particularly well transcribed and are perhaps one of the most remarkable improvements. 

Denis Shiryaev even entrusted the YouTube channel DeOldify Videos with the task of adding color to his improved version of the Arrival of a train at La Ciotat station .

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