When can a baby sleep on a blanket?

When can a baby sleep on a blanket? If you have recently moved your baby to a crib, you may be wondering if it is safe to give a blanket at this point.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping cribs naked to reduce the risk of SIDS, especially during the first six months when the risk of SIDS is highest. , It does not mean a tub bumper, stuffed animal, pillow or baby blanket. Remember, a boring crib is a safe crib. And safe sleep for your baby is of utmost importance!

Most experts agree that it is okay to give a blanket by the time the baby is 12 months old. If your baby hasn’t reached the milestone of the year, refrain from sleeping on a blanket.

What is the right time?

When can a baby sleep on a blanket? A newborn baby is at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when they sleep in loose bedding, such as cushions, sheets, and blankets.

  • At this point, they’re too small and not strong enough to pull free from the bedding no matter what position you lay them down.
  • Wait until your child is at least a year old before giving him a blanket.
  • You might even want to wait even longer if your child isn’t having trouble falling asleep, just to be sure.

Give your child the right blanket

When it’s time to give your child a blanket, start with an ultra-thin breathable cotton sheet, and nothing else.

  • It should be long enough to cover the feet, but not over the shoulders. In any case, not higher than the chest.
  • Make sure your baby can roll over and unwind from the blanket on his own before letting him sleep in it.
  • It might be a good idea to try it while your child is awake, just to have peace of mind.
  • If in doubt, seek the advice of your child’s doctor.

Alternative solutions

Several alternatives have emerged over the years, although some have faced severe criticism due to security deficiencies. Here are some alternatives:

  • Thicker clothing is a safer option and will often work wonders.
  • Breathable fabrics, like cotton, will keep your baby from getting too hot.
  • During the winter months, you should adjust the temperature and dress your child accordingly.
  • During the summer, opt for sleeveless clothes to keep your baby comfortable.

Essentially, you want your child to be able to sleep in a safe position in the crib, without being cluttered with objects.

As soon as your child is ready, do not hesitate to go get yourself this super soft little blanket that he will cherish for years to come. But in the meantime, settle for a good one-piece pajamas and save yourself the hassle.

How do you keep baby warm at night? 

If your little ones are worried about being too cold without blankets, there are many other ways to keep them warm. Is available if you dress like a baby in a dress and it’s comfortable. If you live in a cold climate, you may be tempted to lay your baby on a blanket, but don’t! The risk of SIDS actually increases during the winter.

Try these options for a safe sleep:

  • If your baby hasn’t started rolling yet, use a swaddle.
  • Once your baby is able to roll, transfer them to a sleeping bag or a wearable blanket. , We loved Hello Sleepwalkers. It comes in a choice of wool and cotton and goes all the way up to 2T! Climbing cribs from babies that help keep what you can do with sleeping bags with other bonuses. (We know how she takes it off at the age of two. I kept Evelyn in my sleeping bag until I learned! Li>
  • The Urino 4-season baby sleeping bag is expensive, but claims that you can put your baby in it for all four seasons. Merino wool is a breathable material that helps regulate body temperature. li>
  • This baby Deedee quilted duvet sleeping bag is a heavy option for cold climates. , It has a breathable fabric and is recommended for use in rooms with temperatures of 64-74 ° C.

When can a baby sleep on a comforter?

When introducing a blanket — after your baby is 12 months old — make sure you introduce a lightweight blanket. Hold off using a large comforter or heavy kilt until your baby moves to the toddler’s bed.

Start with a small, lightweight blanket that can move around and away from them if your baby needs it.

Can I sleep on my one year old blanket?

Twelve months seems to be a general consensus when it’s safe for your baby to sleep on a blanket. In 12 months, your baby is much stronger now!

They are probably pulling themselves into a standing position and maybe taking a few steps! They are beginning to learn coordination and can easily move a small blanket from their face if it affects their breathing. ,

Evelyn was climbing, walking and moving by her first birthday, at which point she felt comfortable giving her a blanket. I think we also started giving baby dolls to snuggle up to her.

Of course, if you think your baby is ready to sleep on a blanket regardless of age, use your discretion.

At what age can a baby have a pillow?

Babies really don’t need pillows. We’re used to it, so I think they are, but they’re used to sleeping on the flat surface of a crib.

You can wait to introduce pillows to your baby until you move from the crib to the toddler’s bed. I recommend helping them choose fun pillows and blankets to get excited about their new big kids bed. It will be another transition for another day! 

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When can a baby sleep on a blanket
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