Why can’t I lose weight easily? What is a diet method for getting hungry?

When you gain weight, you are concerned about the fat around your abdomen. Many people may be worried that “I’m hungry and I can’t fit the bottoms …”.(Why can’t I lose weight easily?)

In order to slim down your abdomen, it is important to have a good understanding of your body and to know the correct dieting method. In this article, we will tell you about fat, exercise and diet that are effective for getting hungry.

There are two types of fat on the stomach

Did you know that the characteristics of fat around the abdomen differ depending on the type of fat? There are two types of fat on the stomach: “subcutaneous fat” and “visceral fat“.

subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat is the fat that lies between the skin and muscles. If you can easily grab the meat when you touch your stomach, it is likely that you have accumulated subcutaneous fat.

It is said that subcutaneous fat is easy to attach to women and visceral fat is easy to attach to men. In the case of women, subcutaneous fat tends to accumulate in the lower body (buttocks, thighs, etc.), and many people suffer from a body shape like a “pear“.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat, as the name implies, is the fat that adheres around the internal organs. If you say that your limbs are not so thick, but only your abdomen is swollen, it is highly likely that you have accumulated visceral fat.

If you continue to eat a diet high in sugar and lipids on a daily basis, visceral fat will accumulate and the function of internal organs will decline. Be aware that it also increases the risk of serious illnesses such as lifestyle-related diseases and arteriosclerosis.

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Why can’t I get hungry?

Why can't I lose weight easily?

If you’re on a diet and your waist doesn’t get thinner, there must be some reason you can’t lose weight. Here, let’s see why it’s hard to lose weight.

I’m on a diet that doesn’t match the type of fat

In order to reduce the fat around the abdomen smoothly, it is important to use a diet method that matches the type of fat.

If you have accumulated visceral fat, try to improve your diet. It is important to decide the menu while considering the nutritional balance, not just eating sweets and greasy fried foods.

If you want to lose subcutaneous fat, not only review your diet, but also do training such as muscle training and aerobic exercise. If you increase muscle mass with muscle training, your basal metabolic rate will increase and you will become a body that is easy to lose weight.

If you do aerobic exercise after muscle training, you can lose fat more efficiently.

There are causes other than fat

Keep in mind that there are many other causes of bloating besides fat.

For example, if your pelvis is distorted due to poor posture, your internal organs will be lowered and you will be hungry. Also, if your back is curled up, your abdominal muscles tend to weaken, so you need to be careful if you have a stoop.

In addition, constipation due to deterioration of the intestinal environment and swelling of the body due to cold can also cause stomach upset. Of course, improving your eating habits and continuous exercise are important, but if you can’t get hungry smoothly, look for causes other than fat.

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Don’t you get hungry? Wrong diet method

Why can't I lose weight easily?

If you’re having trouble getting rid of your belly meat, make sure you’re on the right diet. Here are some common examples of wrong dieting methods.

Extremely reduce food intake

If you eat less temporarily, you will certainly be able to lose weight. However, simply losing muscle mass and water content does not mean that you are able to lose weight in a healthy way. In addition, some people have a biased diet such as “eat only XX”, but it is difficult to continue, and many people rebound as a result.

Instead of forcibly reducing the amount of food you eat, try to eat a diet that allows you to get the nutrition you need.

Unreasonable sugar restriction

A typical example of the “○○ diet” is the “sugar-restricted diet.” It is said that by refraining from carbohydrate intake, insulin secretion can be suppressed and it becomes difficult to gain weight.

However, extremely low carbohydrate intake increases the risk of dehydration, nausea, poor respiratory function, and other illnesses. Another problem is that if you cannot secure an energy source called sugar, your muscles will break down and you will lose muscle mass.

Do only abdominal exercises

Some people on a diet focus solely on abdominal exercises in an attempt to dent their abdomen. But what is important is not just to train your abdominal muscles, but to burn excess fat.

If you want to get hungry, do some training other than abdominal exercises. It is important to do muscle training and aerobic exercise together while being careful not to overeat on a daily basis.

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What you want to do to get hungry

Here are some ways to slim your stomach:

  • Increase muscle mass and basal metabolic rate with muscle training
  • Burn fat with aerobic exercise
  • Be careful not to overeat
  • Eat a low-carbohydrate, low-fat, high-protein diet
  • Be aware of the correct posture
  • Eliminate constipation, coldness and swelling
  • Perform massage, stretching and yoga
  • Go to a slimming beauty salon

As you get older, you gradually lose muscle mass and become more likely to get fat around your abdomen. An important point in dieting is to increase your basal metabolic rate. First of all, it is a good idea to give priority to “big muscles” such as the thighs and buttocks (gluteus maximus).

Examples of aerobic exercise include walking, jogging, swimming and cycling. It’s important to get into the habit, so choose something that’s easy for you to keep going.

In order to build a body that is easy to lose weight, it is very important to continuously perform muscle training and aerobic exercise, pay attention to the diet, and maintain a beautiful posture. It may be difficult before you get used to it, but please continue to work on it to get the ideal body line.

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