Cat Sleeping: Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cat sleeping facts and why do cats sleep so much? If you’ve ever had a cat, you know they spend most of their time sleeping. Far from indicating that your cat is lazy, this behavior is, in fact, quite natural.

Wild cats also sleep a lot to conserve energy. They are thus completely alert and rested when they go hunting. Believe it or not, this is also why your cat sleeps all day.

Cats sleep a lot because they are crepuscular. This means that they are the most active at dusk and dawn. This is why your cat will usually snuggle up in their favorite blanket and sleep for most of the day after receiving their morning meal.

How many hours a day do cats sleep?

Cats can sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day, although most of the time it is more of a nap and not a deep sleep. The cat’s nap is manifested by a state where the cat is resting but remains listening to the noises around. You will often see its ears move like antennae in the direction of the noise. This allows cats to be quickly alerted to potential danger.

Cats can fall into a deep sleep and even have cat dreams. This type of sleep is usually shorter than naps, and they will cycle through cycles while they doze off.

From an age point of view, the older cats are, the more they sleep. If you have a kitten, you will see that it will fall asleep suddenly after a period of activity, it is completely natural.

If your cat sleeps a lot and seems lethargic and uninterested in his food or water, there may be a problem. It is best to take her to the vet as soon as possible.

Do cats sleep at night?

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not completely nocturnal. On the contrary, these small predators are more alert at dawn and dusk, when prey such as birds or mice also tend to be active.

You may have noticed that your cat is running down the hall or hopping on your bed early in the morning or late at night just as you are about to go to bed. While this isn’t the best time for most humans, cats just follow their instinct to be awake like their wild ancestors.

Despite all their morning and evening activity, many domesticated cats adapt to their owners’ sleeping habits. By giving your cat regular meals, accessible fresh water, and plenty of play time, you’re helping her adjust to your schedule to get more sleep at night and stay alert when you’re ready to interact.

What is a cat nap?

Cats sleep for short periods of time, day and night. These short periods of sleep are often referred to as naps, and humans can take these short, invigorating naps. Take a cue from your favorite feline the next time you need a quick respite from your daily chores, and take a nap that’ll get you ready for action the moment you wake up.

Do cats get different types of sleep?

Cats have two different types of sleep: light sleep and deeper sleep. During his light sleep, your cat remains somewhat aware of his surroundings. His ears stay erect and can even turn or orient themselves towards the sounds of the environment. 

A light sleeping cat may keep an eye half open for anything unusual, and you might notice that your cat’s tail is gently moving side to side as it rests. Cats engaged in light sleep are ready to wake up and take action if the situation calls for it. Typically, a cat stays in light sleep for 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

Deep sleep in cats occurs in much shorter bursts of about five minutes per session. During this type of sleep, your cat relaxes completely and becomes more difficult to wake up. You might notice paw shaking or see your cat subconsciously stomping on the air with its paws while in deep sleep.

Why do cats sleep on you?

Some domestic cats like to sleep next to – or even on top of – their owner. If your cat is curled up on your lap on the couch or is lounging on your feet in the bed, his choice to sleep on top of you is a sign that he trusts and loves you. 

Cats also love to snuggle up to take a cozy nap on a warm human when it’s cold out. If you want to encourage your cat to sleep on you, scratch and stroke it to help it relax the next time it snuggles up to you.

why do cats sleep so much
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