Why is Yahoo Mail so slow? Fix it on Android & PC

why is yahoo mail so slow?

Have you ever received an email later than the time it was sent?

Even if it’s about a minute or two, a delay of several hours is a problem. In some cases, it can lead to trouble.

Delay troubles can be dealt with once the cause is known.

In this article, I will explain the causes of delays in sending emails & how to fix it?.

  • Email delivery mechanism
  • What the sender can do to prevent email delays
  • Important functions and specifications for delay measures

Let’s acquire the knowledge to prevent the delay of mail delivery by knowing such things.

Why is yahoo mail so slow

why is yahoo mail so slow

Yahoo Mail” is slow! heavy!

If you are a person using “Yahoo Mail“, you may have experienced some troubles.

Therefore,in this time,we introduce the causes & the remedies such situations of “Yahoo Mail” is slow or heavy.

If “Yahoo Mail” is heavy or slow,it may be to the following problems.

  • Accumulating unnecessary emails
  • Yahoo! mail cache is accumulated

How about using it as a reference when display of “Yahoo! Mail” is slow or the processing is heavy?

Accumulating unnecessary emails

A common cause of slow or heavy “Yahoo! Mail” is the accumulation of unnecessary mail.

If you accumulate large amount of unnecessary mail,it will take too much or some time to read mail, & as a result, “Yahoo! Mail” will be slow or heavy.

Be careful not to slow down or slow down the processing of “Yahoo! Mail” by deleting unnecessary advertisement mails & mails that you have finished reading.

Yahoo! mail cache is accumulated

One of the reasons why “Yahoo! Mail” is slow or heavy is that the cache of “Yahoo! Mail” is accumulated.

If the cache of the application is too much, it will affect not only the operation of the application but also the operation of the terminal, so be careful.

How do I fix Yahoo Mail Problems on Android & PC?

why is my yahoo mail so slow on my android phone and pc
How to fix yahoo mail issue an android phones and PC

But even if I try it with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, the same result is obtained.if you have any android device or PC try to fix it below.

Try this to fix yahoo mail
  • Disable add-ons
  • Delete cookies and site history
  • Updated important updates
  • Clean up unnecessary documents

If you have accumulated unnecessary emails

If you have accumulated unnecessary emails, delete the unnecessary emails to reduce the load on Yahoo! Mail.

If you have a lot of unwanted emails, just deleting the emails should improve the situation considerably.

When the cache of Yahoo! Mail is accumulated

If the “Yahoo! Mail” cache is full, try deleting the “Yahoo! Mail” cache.

If you want to clear the cache of your app, it’s a good idea to use a free downloadable cache cleaner.

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