Wild Birds Unlimited in Kerala: Know more


Wild Birds Unlimited : After a gap of a few days, Karnataka has been allowed to return to Tourist destinations.

So the number of tourists is slowly increasing. So the chances of bird watching in Karnataka this winter seem pretty nonsensical (Wild birds unlimited in Kerala).

Birds of Kerala in India 

Karnataka has also gained a lot of fame at home and abroad for its historic landmarks and fascinating natural beauty.  In addition, there are many wildlife sanctuaries here.

Especially in these sanctuaries, where Tourists have the opportunity to see many species of birds, including animals of different species.

Many exotic birds fly here, especially in winter, which helps to enhance the beauty of the local area.  Here are some of the most popular Karnataka bird sanctuaries.

Places Where Birds Live 

Ranganath : The Ranganath Bird Sanctuary in Manda district of Karnataka is one of the largest sanctuaries in the local area.  There are about 180 species of birds.such as painted storks, Asian Openbill4 storks, Common Subil, Woolly Nectar storks, Block Head Ebisa, Indian Sir, among others.  

There are also records of more than 40,000 migratory birds flying here in the winter.  So what could be better for tourists than a bird sanctuary in winter?

 Bankapura : There is an interesting place called Bankapura in Haberi district of Karnataka, where there is a fort called Bankapura.A sanctuary has been set up within the fort, mainly to protect peacocks and peacocks, as well as to increase their offspring.

There are also some other birds such as: Green B. Ether, Niger, Paradise Fly Catcher, Indian Robin, Spotted Dove, Gray Habil, Chu.Tourists can also get a chance to see B ether, Tailor Bird, etc.

Dadeli : It is a sanctuary located in the North Kannada district of Karnataka.  About 4.41 sq km.  Built on a perimeter area.The sanctuary offers tourists the opportunity to see about 200 species of birds, including tigers, elephants and deer.

It is said to be a great place for bird sanctuaries; with the Great Bird and the Mallard Paid Habil being the main attractions.In addition, special attention is paid to the protection of Ahiraj and the crocodile.

Mandagarh : There is a village called Mandagarh in Shimoga district of Karnataka.Also known as the Mandagarh Bird Sanctuary, there is a small island in the Tunga River that flows through the village.More than 5,000 exotic birds fly here, especially in winter. 

It is very pleasant to see these birds and hear their carcasses in the beautiful natural beauty of Mandagarh.(Wild birds unlimited in Kerala)


Not only that, there are many other bird sanctuaries in Karnataka for bird sanctuaries, such as: Magadi Bird Sanctuary, Good vi Bird Sanctuary, Ajivier Bird Sanctuary and many more. 

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