How To Write a Blog Post Fast? 5 SEO Tips To Write Blog Post

Lets Learn how to write a blog post fast using 5 Search engine optimization(SEO) Tips.

The blog is a section of your site that should not be overlooked. Most of the time, it is used to distribute articles, although other forms of content can be exploited, in order to educate readers on a more or less precise subject.

And that’s not all. A blog post can bring you many other benefits, starting with better visibility on the web. If it is well constructed and well written, you will even be able to convert your readers and get them to buy your products or use your services.

But before we get there, we will have to make some editorial efforts.

How to write a blog post? What are the stages? To stand out and be well referenced in the first pages of Google search, you must have original and quality content.

To have loyal subscribers, a good audience, and thus obtain customers and sales, it is necessary to write complete and well-crafted articles. How to write an effective blog post?

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The goal of a blog post? Attract new visitors, who will become subscribers and potentially prospects and customers if you have any services or products to sell to them.

How do I get a blog post to be read and reread? Have a catchy title, keywords for good natural referencing, quality, airy and complete content, an attractive image. And in parallel with this writing work, it’s up to you to know your audience in order to identify your “target” and make your blog a coherent and harmonious space.

How to write a blog post?

How To Write a Blog Post Fast? 5 SEO Tips To Write Blog Post

For your article to be considered by search engines as  relevant text  to consider, count  between 500 and 1000 characters  at least. The ideal? Between 1000 and 2000 characters.

Tips for writing a good blog post 

1. Take care of the title

The title of your article is the first thing that will grab the reader’s attention. And it must be: 

  • Visible  : with a character size greater than the body of the text, no capital letters, no italics, no underlines
  • Short  : ideally between 4 to 10 words
  • Eye-catching  : explicit to make you want to read the article
  • Well referenced  : with keywords for search engines

How to write a good headline?

The title is indeed the key element of SEO. It must therefore be consistent, relevant and integrate the keywords on which you want to position yourself.

To recap, here are the components of a good title: 

  • Fairly  short  (maximum 70 characters)
  • With one or more  keywords
  • eflète  although the content of the article
  • Deliver a  message
  • Does not contain   spelling errors
  • Makes you  want to click

2. A good grip from the introduction

The introduction should be seen as a “brief” because it forms the basis of the information. We must therefore get straight to the point, it is the principle of the inverted pyramid in web writing. To help you identify the essential content and then summarize it, use the 5W rule:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

In other words, in French, it gives: “  who is concerned? what’s the news? what is it all about? when did it happen or when is it going to happen? or ? Why ? 

3. Readable content

To make the reader want to read your entire article on any medium (computer, tablet, smartphone); it must be clear, ventilated for good visibility and easy reading. For that :

  • Break the information  into several paragraphs
  • Use heading , especially in long texts
  • Put the keywords in bold
  • Use short sentences  around 15-20 words
  • Avoid jargon , be it legal, administrative, commercial, etc.
  • Adapt the tone  of your article to your target

4. Optimize your links and images

It is important to add images, videos or infographics to illustrate your article. This makes it possible to energize the reading and to provide examples of your words. 

There are royalty-free image banks. Pay attention to the rights associated with the photo  : make sure you can use it.

5.Place key information at the beginning of paragraph

The Internet user is in a hurry and very often, he will only read the beginning of your paragraphs. This type of reading is called F reading.

So present the bulk of the information at the start of each paragraph. Your reader will quickly know whether or not the following will interest them.

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