Y The Last Man Movie Trailer,Episodes & Release Date

There have been no post-apocalyptic novelties for a long time, but the movie bosses intend to fix it. The premiere of the television series “Y The Last Man “, which will just plunge us into the adventures of heroes after a terrible disaster. 

What the picture is about and when to wait for its appearance – read on.

It is not long to wait, because the release date of the film "Y: The Last Man" will take place - September 14, 2021 . You can find the dates of premieres of all episodes.

One in a million

Y The Last Man is not just another story, but an adaptation of the comic strip by Brian Vaughn and Pia Guerra, released from 2002 to 2008. 

According to the plot, the main character is the only man who survived the death of all creatures with the Y-chromosos. The character, paired with his tame monkey, embarks on a long journey in order to find the other half.

Information that the creators are preparing a novelty appeared in 2015. Then the FX channel announced that he had ordered a film adaptation. And so, only recently a trailer for the series “Y. The Last Man ”and the release date, which is scheduled for September 14th

For 6 long years, the organizers were preparing for the premiere. It looks like the picture is worthy of your attention . 

But here I must say that the preliminary work on the tape was long – at first they could not approve the composition of the creators, and later – to agree on the script.

y the last man

The specific work and filming process began only in 2019, having planned the premiere in 2020, but even then the release date shifted again. Already in the process of filming, Michael Green left the post of showrunner, which again slowed down the work. 

In place of Green came Eliza Clarke, who eventually remained at the helm. The reason for the change of the showrunner was the different views of the TV channel and the creators – the project that they wanted, FX refused to release.

But all the tests were left behind, and the release date of the series about the last man will definitely take place this time – the episodes are filmed and ready for broadcast. Along with the announcement of the day of the premiere, a short teaser was posted online. He explains little, rather even nothing, but you can seethat an amazing, exciting adventure awaits us

y the last man movie 1


Of course, a picture is unthinkable without actors selected for key roles. In the role of the only male on the planet, Ben Schnetzer, known for the films “The Book Thief” and “Warcraft”, will act. 

His colleagues will be Diane Lane, as well as several charming women, including Diane Lane, Imogen Poots and others. 

By the way, in addition to Schnetzer, Timothy Hutton is also listed among the performers in the image of the president. I wonder how he managed to survive?

More information about the plot, characters and their adventures will be shown on the television series Y. The Last Man ”received a release date for new episodes on the FX channel. Day “X” is scheduled and it remains not to miss the start in order to join the fight for the only male that survived the disaster in time.

Release schedule for all episodes

SeriesNamePremiere dates
01Pilot14 September 2021 the year
02September 21 , 2021
03September 28 , 2021
04October 5 , 2021
0512 October 2021
06October 19 , 2021
07October 26 , 2021
08November 2 , 2021
09November 9 , 2021
tenNovember 16 , 2021


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