Yellowstone Prequel (Y 1883) Cast, plot and Release Date

It’s always curious to know what happened before the events featured on your favorite show. The creators decided to encourage fans and recently announced when the premiere of the spin-off “Yellowstone” entitled “Y: 1883“, which will be a prequel and tell how it all began.

I think that fans of the television series “Yellowstone” need to know the release date of the spin-off “Y: 1883”, because the premiere of the new series will take place on December 19/20, 2021 .

Yellowstone: The Beginning

For those who fell out of reality and suddenly forgot what the original was about, we remind you. 

The Dutton family owns a large ranch within the United States, but, of course, there is no talk of a quiet life – various developers, Indians, and border cities constantly claim the territory. 

The main characters are trying to keep their home in a world where the seizure and sale of land is part of the financial system and, in general, is a normal practice.

Yellowstone 1883 will tell you about the background to the story, which is so loved by the public. Events will develop, as it is not difficult to guess, in 1883. 

The creators promised to tell about a family fleeing poverty and trying to find a better life . Shortly before the premiere, the bosses released the teaser “Y: 1883”, which immediately garnered impressive views. 

The audience noted that there are not so many worthy projects about the Wild West, so the new product cannot be missed. Obviously, fans of the original tape will make up the bulk of the audience.

Yellowstone Prequel (Y 1883) Cast, plot and Release Date
Y: 1883

Find out more details about the plot in the series “Y: 1883”, the release date of which will take place on December 20, 2021, since the creators do not talk about it, fearing to frighten off interest. 

It is known that the film was written and directed by Taylor Sheridan , who held similar posts in the production of the original show. This means that there is no need to worry about the unique atmosphere – Yellowstone 1883 was filmed in the best traditions.

Even now, before the premiere, we can say for sure that the spin-off has every chance of being as resounding success as the original. 

The original film received high marks from critics and viewers, and also holds consistently high ratings on both Russian and foreign sites. 

There is no doubt that Y: 1883 will take the best from history and just as confidently take the first lines in the lists of the best projects in the spirit of Westerns.


The upcoming release date of the new 1883 Yellowstone series will give us fresh faces. To embody the key characters, Sam Elliot was invited – he played in “The Avengers” and “Ghost Rider“, Billy Bob Thornton from “Sharpened Blade“, as well as Tim McGraw – “Kingdom“, Isabel May – “Sheldon’s Childhood“, LaMonic Garrett, Alexandra Slobolyanik and others.

There will be other persons, but you now know the performers of the title roles. Well, what happened in Yellowstone in 1883, we’ll find out after the release date of the new spin-off series.Something tells us that the life of the Duttons was not cloudless even then.

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
0120 December 2021 the year
02December 27 , 2021
03January 10 , 2022
04January 17 , 2022
05January 24 , 2022
06January 31 , 2022


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