Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date and More

The adventure in the National Park continues – this was officially announced by the creators recently. We tell you when the 5th season of the American western called “Yellowstone” will be released and what to expect from fresh episodes. Well, at the same time we remind you how the fate of the tape developed earlier.

The continuation of the picture no longer surprises anyone, and almost everyone knows that the release date for Yellowstone Season 5 should be expected at the end of 2022 !

The lands demand blood

Yellowstone is a neo-western produced by the Paramount Network. In the center of events is John Dutton. The man has his own farm and is distinguished by a special love of life and acceptance. 

Together with other family members, he owns one of the largest ranches in America, but he only dreams of a secluded farm life – Yellowstone is constantly being attacked by neighbors, developers and other people interested in the land. 

All of them have their eyes on the possessions of the Duttons and they will have to make a lot of efforts to defend their valley. Ahead of them is a real disaster, where everything is decided by money and connections, and human life has long been worthless .

Yellowstone Season 5

Chapter 4 episodes have just finished airing, and the TV bosses have already renewed Yellowstone for season 5, with a release date set for the end of 2022. Fans were not surprised, but frankly delighted. 

Throughout the existence of the Yellowstone project, it has maintained high ratings and regularly increases its audience, attracting people of different nations, ages and social statuses.The creators themselves note that they were able to touch the hearts of people from different parts of the world.– and this is what forces us to set new release dates.

According to the data provided by the creators, the final episode of the 4th chapter of “Yellowstone” gathered more than 9 million viewers from the screens – this is almost twice as much as the similar episode of the 3rd season. 

Of course, after such a success, it would be foolish to close the picture, so in May 2022 the creators will return to the set , and even with replenishment in the cast.

Casting chapter 5

When the bosses announced that the release date for all episodes of season 5 of the Yellowstone series would take place, they also revealed another secret and named the actors who would take their place in the cast.

Of course, Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley and other Duttons remain in place. But in the new part of Yellowstone, Jennifer Landon and Katherine Kelly will join them. Recall that they have already participated in the film, but in secondary roles.Now they are waiting for promotion and a place in the main caste.

New adventures for the family of farmers will begin very soon, but for now we are waiting for Yellowstone to receive the exact release date for season 5. There is no doubt that the cards will be revealed to the organizer of the show soon and the day of the premiere will be called – just be patient .

Season 5 episode schedule

Series numberSeries namePremier dates
5×01end of 2022
5×02end of 2022
5×03end of 2022
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