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The creators were not ready to quickly say goodbye to history and recently shared fresh information regarding plans for the show. We’ll tell you what has been heard about the premiere of the second season of the television series “Your Honor” and when to expect the return of the heroes to the screens.

In fact, no one knows the exact release date of season 2 of "Your Honor" yet, only recently announced the extension of the series, but we assume that the premiere of the new series should not be expected earlier - September 12, 2022 .

Love and conscience

Your Honor or “The Judge” is the American version of the Israeli project of the same name. The original drama was released in 2020, and almost instantly got a chance to be transported to America.

The mini-series tells about the fate of an authoritative judge who is always loyal and makes fair decisions. His whole life was conscientious, but an unexpected case presented him with a choice. 

The son of the protagonist gets into an accident – knocks down a person to death and hides from the scene of the accident. Now Michael Desiato will have to decide – to save his son from punishment or to act according to the law .

And just the other day, information appeared that Showtime has already extended the series “Your Honor” for season 2, the release date of which will take place in 2022

The audience is bewildered and confused. The fact is that the first part of the tape had, in principle, a complete plot, the organizers did not leave any understatement. And now the audience is at a loss –what will the writers come up with for the new chapter and as far as necessary.

your honor
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It should be recalled that the ratings of the first part of “Judge” are rather mediocre. After the release date and the appearance of the first reviews and reviews, the picture barely gained average rates. 

However, Showtime himself assures that this show has become one of the highest rated in the history of the channel – how it happened is anyone’s guess. The main plus of all singles out the performer of the main role – Brian Cranston. 

It is he who is called salvation for the “Judge” – put another actor for this role and that’s it – the story would be at the bottom.

What is known about season 2

The release date has already been set, but the organizers are in no hurry to spread the story. It is known that Cranston will return to his role. Peter Moffat will also remain at his post – he is the show-runner of The Judge.

 Channel officials noted how deeply Moffat felt. Showtime is pleased that Peter still has something to tell the public

And there is no doubt that the series “Your Honor” will soon receive a release date for the second season and the day of the premiere will be named. 

We hope that the creators will really be able to “unwind” the already finished story and present the audience with an interesting, exciting season.

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
2 × 0112 September 2022 the year
2 × 02September 19 , 2022
2 × 03September 26 , 2022
2 × 04October 3 , 2022
2 × 05October 10 , 2022
2 × 06October 17 , 2022
2 × 07October 24 , 2022
2 × 08October 31 , 2022
2 × 09November 7 , 2022
2 × 10November 14 , 2022


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