What is Born on Instagram (BOI Reels Reward) Money, Gifts and More

social media platforms like Instagram have become powerful tools for self-expression, creativity, and even launching careers. One phenomenon that has emerged from Instagram’s vibrant community is the concept of being “born on Instagram.”

What is Born on Instagram?

What is “born on Instagram” and how individuals have utilized the platform to achieve recognition, influence, and career opportunities.

The Path to Success: Being “born on Instagram” signifies individuals who have harnessed the platform’s potential to showcase their talents, skills, or unique content. By sharing captivating photos, engaging videos, and personal stories, these individuals have captivated audiences and built a significant following.

It’s important to note that this level of success is not overnight; it requires dedication, creativity, and an understanding of Instagram’s features and community dynamics.

Unleashing Creativity: Instagram offers a diverse range of features that allow users to curate visually appealing content. Through strategic content creation, individuals can tap into their creativity, showcasing their art, photography, fashion sense, culinary skills, or any other passion they possess.

By consistently posting high-quality content, individuals can attract and retain a dedicated following who appreciate their unique perspective.

The Power of Engagement: One of Instagram’s key strengths lies in its ability to facilitate meaningful connections. Successful Instagram users actively engage with their audience by responding to comments, hosting live sessions, and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives.

By fostering genuine connections and interactions, Instagram stars can build a loyal and supportive community around their content.

The Role of Hashtags: Hashtags play a crucial role in making content discoverable on Instagram. By using relevant and popular hashtags, individuals can increase their visibility and attract new followers who share similar interests.

Careful research and strategic selection of hashtags can help Instagram stars reach a wider audience, expanding their influence and impact.

Monetizing the Journey: For some Instagram stars, their journey extends beyond personal fulfillment, leading to various career opportunities. Brands and businesses recognize the influence these individuals have and often collaborate with them for sponsored posts, product endorsements, or partnerships.

By leveraging their authentic voice and engaged audience, Instagram stars can monetize their efforts, turning their passion into a viable career.

Do you also want to earn money from Instagram? So let’s know with full details on How to make money from Instagram? So today’s youth generation all like to spend time on social media.

Instagram is one of the social media such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler and many other entertainment apps – Moj, TikTok etc. Which is seen by millions of people everyday.

But many people will not know that money can be earned from social media too.

So let’s know today how we can earn money with the help of Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have launched an education and enablement program to help creators drive more users and viewers, ensure better monetization and better user engagement.

Born on Instagram (BOI)

Born on Instagram launched in september 2021. Born on Instagram focuses on educating and enabling creators on the digital media platform.

The portal is a central creator hub that provides content creators with a deep understanding of Instagram and guides consumers on how to create a lasting presence on the platform.

Instagram has evolved into a global platform that empowers individuals to express themselves creatively, build communities, and even launch careers.

The concept of being “born on Instagram” represents the journey of those who have harnessed the platform’s potential, captivated audiences, and achieved recognition, influence, and monetization.

As Instagram continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly shape the landscape of social media and provide new opportunities for individuals to share their stories and connect with others around the world.

How to make money from Instagram?

Another feature of Instagram has been launched through which you can earn money from Instagram. So recently Instagram has launched another platform “Born on Instagram” on September 2021.

Where all the creators can earn money from Instagram by registering their id, that too from the videos of your reels. Born on Instagram is giving creators a chance to monetize their Instagram content with lots of facilities.

Born on Instagram gives you a chance to earn money from your Instagram reels videos. Whether you have 100 followers or 200 it does not matter.

It matters whether your identity is real, you have posted regular reels videos, you are following BOI community Guidelines, you are able to engage your audience with reels, story, then you can get a chance to win BOI Reels Reward.

Earn money from Born On Instagram (BOI)

You can earn money in 2 ways in born on Instagram.

  • Earn Money with Brands
  • Earn Money – BOI Reels Reward

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Earn Money with Brands

To get deals from brands, you can take deals by participating in programs on Born on Instagram (BOI).

BOI Reels Reward

With BOI Reels Rewards, you can win prize money from 10k to 1lakh. You can earn money through reels videos of Instagram. For this you have to put reels on Instagram daily. And videos have to be optimized with good video quality so that your video will reach more people.

Similarly, you should also make your reels videos on trending songs because the chances of getting reach on trending songs are very high.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. If you get 500 – 1000 likes in the same video then you can get a chance to win BOI Reels Rewards.

But keep in mind that your followers and likes and views are all genuine, and not generated from any third-party apps. Join BOI creator course for more information.

Born on Instagram Registration: How to join Born on Instagram?

Simply visit – www.bornoninstagram.com and you will see a BOI creator journey appear below the home page.

born on instagram registration
Join Born on Instagram

Now click on “Get started Now”.

Born on Instagram Registration Process
Born on Instagram Registration Process

To register click “Valid Instagram handle” this will take to the Instagram to verify that you are the right owner of your account. After that you can fill this form to complete the registration process in Born on Instagram(BOI). Also you can contact for help in BOI.

Born On Instagram Creator Course

The BOI creator course is of about 2 hours. You have to cover 15 videos in these 2 hours.

  • Part – I: Manage your Presence (4 Videos)
  • Part – II: Create (5 Videos)
  • Part – III: Grow (5 Videos)
  • Part – IV: Earn Money (1 Video)

And after every video, you will be asked 3/4 questions from those videos, which you have to answer correctly. This BOI creator course is enough to make you a great creator. This will give you an idea on everything and guide you to move forward. so don’t miss it.

Born on Instagram Advanced

BOI Advanced is a special selection-based program launched by Instagram that aims to discover, grow and showcase high-potential creators from different parts of India. These include:

  • Live sessions with Instagram experts, industry leaders and star creators.
  • Access to personalized 1:1 consultation with an Instagram Expert.
  • 1:1 Account support for bugs or any issues related to your Instagram Account.
  • Exclusive collaboration opportunities with top brands.

How to join BOI Advanced?

To Apply for BOI Advanced, you should follow these steps:

  • Register on Born on Instagram and sign in.
  • Complete the creator course to receive the Certificate.
  • Then, click on BOI Advanced banner in the home page and Press “Apply Now”.

After that, the Instagram team will select eligible members for a particular batch based on internal criteria. Each batch lasts for about 3 months and if selected, you will be notified by email.

What is Born on Instagram?

Born on Instagram, a central creator hub is designed to help creators across India build a deeper understanding of Instagram and create a sustainable presence on the platform.

This includes a self-paced e-learning course, LIVE masterclass with experts, the latest information on reel trends, a lot to help keep track of what’s happening on Instagram.

Who is Born On Instagram for?

The BOI program is designed for all creators on Instagram. No matter about your background, genre or followers. you can earn money on Born on Instagram by doing or making reels video. Please Note: Do not violet community guidelines.

What is the Creator Course?

The online education course created by Instagram for the creative community in India is the course of every creator. This is a complete guide for creators to understand the best practices on the Instagram ecosystem, available tools, community guidelines and their presence on the platform etc.

What are the benefits of completing the Creator Course?

The benefits of completing the Creator Course when you go through all the modules that are part of the program and finish the assessment at the end of each of these. you get many benefits on born on Instagram such as:

1.A course completion letter from Born on Instagram (Certificate).
2.AR filter that you can showcase on Instagram.
3.Opportunity to get cash rewards and brand deals.
4.Opportunity to apply for Born on Instagram Advanced (Gifts).

How much time will it take to complete Creator Course?

It should take you less than 2 hours to complete 15 videos which is entire creator course of Born on Instagram (BOI).

How much does it cost to sign up for the course?

It is absolutely free to to sign up for the creator course BOI.

Is BOI available in multiple languages?

Yes, Born on Instagram is available in English, Hindi and Tamil. they’re going to add more languages soon!

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