Milestone Credit Card Review 2024: Things you Need to Know

When you’re looking to build or rebuild your credit, choosing the right credit card can make a big difference.

The Milestone Mastercard is one option, particularly if you have limited or poor credit. However, before you jump in, here’s what you need to know.

If your credit score is less than stellar, traditional credit cards may not be readily available to you. The Milestone Mastercard is different.

It’s unsecured, meaning it doesn’t require a security deposit, which is a common requirement for secured cards. This makes it accessible to those who can’t afford to tie up money in a deposit.

What is Milestone Credit Card?

The Milestone Credit Card is designed for individuals seeking to improve their credit, particularly those with limited or poor credit histories. Unlike secured cards, it’s unsecured, meaning no upfront deposit is required.

The card’s terms, like annual and monthly fees, vary based on individual credit profiles. It reports payment history to major credit bureaus, aiding credit building. While some may qualify for a higher unsecured limit, it often carries multiple fees.

There’s no standard rewards program, but it’s a widely accepted Mastercard. If the card doesn’t align with your financial goals due to fees or other factors, canceling is an option, but clear the balance first. Explore alternative cards for better financial fit.

Milestone Card Benefits

There are different versions of the Milestone Mastercard with varying terms and conditions.

The specific version you receive depends on your credit history, income, and other factors. Be sure to review the terms carefully, as annual fees, monthly fees, and APRs can differ.

The Milestone Mastercard reports to all three major credit bureaus, helping you build a positive credit history as long as you make timely payments. Plus, some cardholders may receive a higher credit limit, up to $700, without requiring a deposit.

The Milestone Mastercard comes with some downsides. It often carries high fees, both in terms of annual and monthly charges.

The APR can be steep, and additional fees like an overlimit fee may apply. You won’t earn rewards or enjoy many features beyond standard account protection.

Milestone Credit Card

Milestone Credit Card

Milestone Credit Card

Milestone Credit Card

Milestone Credit Card

  • Pros
  • Cons
  1. Milestone Mastercard offers accessibility without the need for an upfront security deposit, making it an option for those unable to provide the typical $200 deposit required by secured cards.
  2. It reports to all three major credit bureaus, aiding in the establishment of a positive credit history.
  3. Milestone’s prequalification process is fast and doesn’t affect your credit score, simplifying the search for the right credit card.
  1. The card’s limited features fail to justify its steep first-year annual fee and subsequent monthly charges (refer to terms for specifics).
  2. Milestone’s ongoing APR (refer to terms) and other associated fees can make it more costly than rival cards if you make financial missteps.
  3. It lacks a rewards program or financial management tools, which are available with other credit cards designed for limited credit histories.

Is Milestone Mastercard the Best Choice?

While the Milestone Mastercard can be a stepping stone in your credit journey, there are better alternatives available. Some secured cards offer lower fees and even rewards programs, which can add more value.

Consider your options and choose the card that best suits your credit-building needs.

Make sure you understand the version of the Milestone Mastercard you’re applying for, as fees and APRs can vary. Keep in mind that credit limits might be low, and the annual fee can eat into your available credit.

Also, if you overspend your limit, you could face an overlimit fee. It’s important to use the card responsibly to avoid unnecessary costs.

How to Cancel Milestone Mastercard ?

If you find that the Milestone Mastercard doesn’t meet your financial needs, it’s possible to cancel the card. However, make sure you pay off the balance first. Cancelling the card can impact your credit score temporarily but might be worth it if you’re facing high fees and limited benefits.

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how to apply Milestone Credit Card?

  • Visit the Milestone Credit Card Website
  • Check Prequalification
  • Complete the Application
  • Submit Your Application
  • Wait for a Decision
  • Receive Your Card


While the Milestone Mastercard offers access to credit for individuals with limited credit history, it’s essential to review the terms and explore other options, as some cards with lower fees and rewards programs may better suit your credit-building journey.

Is Milestone a real credit card?

Yes, the Milestone Credit Card is a genuine credit card. It’s an unsecured credit card designed to help individuals with limited or poor credit history improve their credit scores.

What is the Milestone credit card limit?

The credit limit on the Milestone Credit Card can vary depending on your individual credit profile. Some cardholders may qualify for a higher unsecured credit limit, but it typically starts at around $300.

What bank issues the Milestone credit card?

The Milestone Credit Card is issued by a financial institution called Genesis Financial Solutions. They offer various credit cards designed to cater to individuals with less-than-perfect credit.

What is the Milestone credit card used for?

The Milestone Credit Card can be used for various everyday expenses, such as shopping, dining, and paying bills. It’s a credit-building tool that can help you establish a positive payment history.

Can I use the Milestone credit card at an ATM?

Yes, you can use your Milestone Credit Card at an ATM to withdraw cash. However, be aware that cash advances often come with fees and typically have a higher interest rate compared to regular purchases.

Is the Milestone credit card accepted everywhere?

The Milestone Credit Card is a Mastercard, which is widely accepted around the world. You can use it at most locations that accept credit cards, including retail stores, restaurants, online shops, and more. However, its acceptance may depend on the specific merchant or service provider.

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