How Much Is 240 ML In Cups and Glass? ( ML to Cups)

240ml In Cups and Glass: I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question before. You followed a recipe and didn’t know how many milliliters your glasses of water contained. The glasses can be of very different materials, shapes and sizes. This is why it is difficult to know how many milliliters of water is in a glass.

We bring you the solution! We will answers all your doubts and discuss different types of glasses, use and the amount of them.

Unity Of Capacity and Volume Conversion

1 Milliliter0.001 Liter
1 Centiliter0.01 Liter
1 Deciliter0.1 Liter
1 Kiloliter1000 Liters

Customary Units

1 Gallon4 Quarts
1 Gallon128 Ounces
1 Quart2 Pints
1 Pint2 Cups
1 Cup8 Ounces

240 ML Of Water in Cups

Convert 240 Milliliters to Cups.( 240ml In Cups )


240 ml Bottle size

Container SizeDramMilliliter
4 oz.32120
6 oz.48180
8 oz.64240
12 oz.96360

240 ml In Cups

Water Glasses (240ml in Cups)

The water glasses are the most varied. I’m sure you have more than one model of glasses at home. Wide, long, oval, straight, straight…. However, although they may look very different, they all have the same capacity, between 200ml and 250 ml or so.

The main component of our body is water. Many experts recommend drinking around eight glasses of water a day, so the glasses we have at home usually have this ability, so when we drink them in our daily life we ​​hit the expert average. in water recommend.

ML in Cups and Glass

Types of GlassCapacity in ml
Glass for water200-250 ml
Disposable cup200-250 ml
Shot glass30-40 ml
Cup of milk200-250 ml
Cider glass500 ml
Tube glasses300 ml
Whiskey Glass100 ml
Milkshake glass125 ml
Coffee glass60-200 ml
Sugar Cane Tumbler200 ml

Disposable cups

We can find variety of disposable cups . This type of glasses is perfect for a picnic, barbecue or house party because after use they are thrown away and you do not have to clean them. 

While there are many types of disposable cups and their material can vary from plastic to biodegradable cups , all have the same capacity as a normal glass of water, up to around 250 milliliters.

How many ml in a shot?

I am sure you have ever had alcohol or alcoholic beverages. But do you know how many ml a shot glass has? The capacity of a shot glass can vary from 30 to 50 ml.

If we take a tequila glass as a benchmark, it usually contains around 44 milliliters. The purpose of their small size is that they can be taken all at once with relative ease.

Cup of milk

Every breakfast should be accompanied by a good cup of milk which gives us the energy we need to face the day. The cups in which we take our breakfast are diverse. The most classic can opt for a normal glass of water, so that it will contain around 200 – 250 ml. 

On the other hand, those who opt for a breakfast cup , will have a capacity of around 250 ml.

For those who like to keep their weight down, a frequently asked question is how many calories is in a 100ml glass of milk . 

We must keep in mind that in any supermarket we will find three types of milk: whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed, which will vary the amount of calories in our glass. Whole milk has the most calories: 62kcal in 100 ml of milk. 

On the other hand, semi-skimmed milk and skimmed milk contain 45 and 37 kcal, respectively.

American systemMetric systemOther appellations
1/8 teaspoon1/2 ml 
1/4 teaspoon1 ml 
1/2 teaspoon3 ml 
1 teaspoon5 mlWarning! a teaspoon
is smaller than a
1/4 tbsp4 ml 
1/2 tbsp8 ml 
1 tbsp15 ml1 tablespoon
1/8 cup35 ml  
1/4 cup65 ml 
1/3 cup85 ml 
3/8 cup95 ml 
1/2 cup125 ml 
5/8 cup160 ml 
2/3 cup170 ml 
3/4 cup190 ml 
7/8 cup220 ml 
1 cup250 ml

Whiskey Glass

Compared to the previous point, we find the whiskey glasses . Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage native to Scotland that comes from the distillation of fermented malt from grains such as barley, wheat, rye and corn.

The glasses Whiskey are called “Glass Rock” or “Old Fashion” and have a capacity of 100 ml. This type of glass is ideal for this drink because it allows the distillate to come into contact with the ice and cool evenly.

Milkshake glass

In the supermarket, you can find a wide variety of yogurts, each of them a different size and shape. As the rule, the most typical, which in any supermarket you can buy, is a milkshake glass capacity of 125 ml.

However, if you are a chef and want to make your own frozen yogurt or smoothie , you may need to use a milkshake glass with a capacity of 400ml, which will allow you to let your creativity run free and enjoy it. ‘add all the accessories you want.

Cider glass

The cider is a typical drink of northern Spain, in particular of Asturias, which is the main domestic producer, the Basque Country and northern Navarre. It is a low alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of the apple. up to 500ml a cider glass has a capacity.

Its wide mouth makes it easy to smell all the aromas that the cider gives off when it touches the walls of the glass when it is poured.

Coffee glass

Coffee is another such drink that can go in a lot of different glasses. However, there are three basic coffee glasses that every restaurateur should have in their room: the espresso glass , which has a capacity of 60ml and is only used for coffee, on the other hand is the café au lait glass. 125 ml and, finally, the cappuccino glass , the size of which can vary between 150 and 200 ml.

The restaurateur should have in his room: the espresso glass , which has a capacity of 60 ml and is used only for coffee, on the other hand is the cut glass of 125 ml and, finally, the cappuccino glass whose size can vary between 150 and 200 ml.

In addition, many places also offer the option of serving the coffee in a disposable insulated mug so that it can be transported without overflow or loss of heat. And for the more ecological who prefer to avoid the use of plastic, it is also possible to use cardboard cups .

Sugar cane tumbler

A stroke, a straight, a third, a pint, a pitcher…. There are several ways to order a beer at a bar. It is important to know the quantity of each of these beer glasses when ordering. When we order a beer , we ask for the smallest glass, which is 200 ml. 

pint in an English volume unit that has gradually spread to the rest of the world. A pint of beer is a taller, elongated glass of 400-500 ml. Finally, the beer pitcher can hold between 500 and 1000ml, now you can enjoy a cold beer knowing what you are asking for!

Glass Tube

When you go to a local and order a cocktail, they can serve it to you in a variety of different glasses depending on what you order. The most commonly used glasses are tube glasses in the pubs , which have a capacity of 300 ml and are used to serve the most typical drinks.

However, another option widely used in many places is the balloon glasses , which bring a certain class to the drink and have the same capacity as the previous one.

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